Thursday, June 2, 2011

Light bulbs flashed and out in my dining room ceiling. won't get back on?

Query by waterchris: Light bulbs flashed and out in my dining area ceiling. won't get back again on?
Last night time it was raining. I came property close to 10pm and turned on my kitchen area light over the sink. As it was turned on, a vivid light flashed previously mentioned me, and the light went out. I understood it went out so i failed to pay out much attention and thought I'd transform that nowadays.

Nowadays, even so, I observed that 4 other lights, in addition to the a single flashed previous night time, as well as a chandelier beside the kitchen area in the dining area (all in the same place) stopped operating too. I checked the fuse panel down in the basement but everything appeared to be functioning fine. All other appliances /fridge/ stove/wall plugs in the region are functioning great as well.

Excellent light bulbs are set in, fuse panel is good. What else really should I verify?
No, as a issue of simple fact, I don't have nearly anything connected to the plugs appropriate now. The tester on the panel functions great also. What could be incorrect amongst the breaker panel and light bulbs?
Thanks for the reponses. I did exchange a couple of the bulbs. The 1 I saw a flash the other night time was damaged, but the other ones seemed good. The chandelier is on the identical circuit. The other appliances (fridges/ plugs/microwave) are on a different circuit and they are completely good. My guess is the same as yours, the issue need to be inside this circuit, someplace among the breaker panel to the light bulb.

In a breaker set up, can fuses nevertheless be burned? I imagined we will not use fuses any more?

Best remedy:

Answer by stacy
do you have also many issues plugged into the socket?

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