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How do I set up the equation for this?

Issue by Yvonne: How do I set up the equation for this?
ciolino's tends to make dining place furnishings. a buffet requires 30hrs for building and ten hrs for finishing, a chair 10hrs for construction and 10hrs of finishing, and a table ten hrs for construction and thirty hrs for finishing. the construction department has 350 hours of labor and the finishing department has 150 hrs of labor. how a lot of pieces of every type of home furniture should be developed every single week if the factory is to run at total capacity?

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Reply by Richard
Allow b be the quantity of buffets, c be the range of chairs, and t be the amount of tables.

Then setup an equation for construction hrs: 30b + 10c + 10t = 350
and an equation for finishing hours: 10b + 10c + 30t = a hundred and fifty

If you subtract the second from the initial, you get 20b - 20t = 200 or b - t = 10.

So t could be or one. Note that b can not be higher than eleven without exceeding the highest construction hours. Understanding t and b makes it easy to resolve for c.

So the two feasible options are
t = , b = 10, and c = 5
t = one, b = eleven, and c = 1

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