Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it OK to paint your front door a completely different color from the rest of your house's facade?

Query by Is it Ok to paint your front doorway a entirely diverse colour from the rest of your house's facade?
We have a two-tone beige and cream house with navy blue shutters. Our front doorway is presently beige and appears to mix into the relaxation of the exterior. We had been considering of painting the front doorway a various color and desired your view. My husband thinks it ought to be turquoise. If not turquoise, what other colour? He thinks the front doorway should be a entirely distinct color to have an "inviting" look and for pop.

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Remedy by Cammie
Turquoise is fantastic and so is Red. Your front door need to stand out so men and women can discover your door.
Pleased painting .
You could also go with the navy of the shutters.

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