Thursday, September 1, 2011

Q&A: How do oyu know the correct sized light to choose for a particular room?

Problem by melouofs: How do oyu know the correct sized light to decide on for a certain area?
For case in point, if we are searching to purchase a fixture for our dining place, how do we know what measurement is finest? The area is 13x13 with a tray cieling which is 9 or ten feet high. The area is enclosed (apart from for two doorways). How do we judge the correct size light to select for the room? Any basic guidelines for picking teh appropriate light for a space? Many thanks!

Best answer:

Solution by Paul in San Diego
Usually, 150 to 200 watts worth of lights power is enough for a place that size. Also, it is much better to have a fixture with many bulbs. You never get a stark shadowing effect from a solitary light supply and, if 1 bulb goes out, you're not completely left in the dim.

If you have a three-light fixture, commence with a few sixty-watt bulbs. If you have a 4-light fixture, commence with four forty-watt bulbs. Transform out the bulbs to increased or decrease wattage bulbs if you want much more or much less light.

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