Saturday, September 3, 2011

can i dye my white voile curtains ?

Issue by lushlips32: can i dye my white voile curtains ?
ive received a chocolate brown leather sofa and cream walls..and i want to set in red?! you know like.throws,cushions,rugs,lamps,and dye my voile curtains red ? and i have cream blinds to..i reside in a old victorian residence with huge bay windows...
and i forgot to request...will a washing device dye be okay or a cold h2o dye ?
mmmm thanx lol i accomplished that to stain my espresso table the why didnt i believe of that ! thanx

Very best solution:

Response by J*Mo
You can dye nearly nearly anything!
Just use RIT dye and follow directions

Do not set the dye in the washer - it will make things turn pink! <-- I did this

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